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With more than a century of combined audio experience, J.R. Jones Audio understands what it takes to produce a professional, high quality audio experience no matter the event. Whether you’re outdoors, or inside a church, reception hall or other venue throughout Washington, Franklin County or the St. Louis region, each space has its own unique challenges in producing that clean, perfectly amplified sound you and your guests expect. 

We know that a great sound experience isn’t just about the end product, it’s everything that leads up to that crisp, clear sound, from providing well-maintained microphones and equipment, to using dark extension cords and neatly covering them, and ensuring every person you work with has the knowledge and expertise to pull off a memorable event. 

We recognize that even a moment of distorted, muffled or otherwise poor audio detracts from the overall experience. Feedback and technical difficulties can be the difference between the listener feeling the excitement of the moment or feeling annoyed and uninspired. That’s why J.R. Jones Audio strives to create an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. Based in Washington, Missouri, J.R. Jones Audio serves the entire Franklin County and St. Louis regions. Reach out today to learn more or get a quote from our team of skilled industry experts.

Meet Our Team


Owner, Audio Engineer and Sound Specialist

For the past decade, J.R. Jones has put his audio engineering skills to work for Fox Sports and NBC, including ensuring high quality output for All Star games, several World Series championships and the NHL playoffs. During off seasons, J.R. spends his time providing top-notch audio for weddings, performances, and other events in Washington, Franklin County and surrounding communities. 

His audio experience spans longer than his sports audio tech career, though. J.R. has been passionate about sound since high school, where he was in theater and traveled the United States performing in rock bands. J.R. has been honing his technical skills and sound abilities for most of his life. 

  • A Franklin County native 
  • 40 years of sound system, recording and audio experience
  • Lifelong musician
  • Provided DJ services for more than 1,000 wedding receptions
  • Expert knowledge of local venues
  • A former photographer, J.R. understands the optics of events

Gailand Bay Jr.

Front of House and Monitor Engineer

Originally from Washington, Mo., Gailand Bay Jr. was born into a life of music. His parents were gospel singers, and he spent most of his adolescence traveling in a bus cross-country as his parents performed at churches, schools, fairs and other events. Gailand picked up playing drums nearly a half-century ago and hasn’t stopped. For a number of years, he played in a popular Christian rock band in the South and he currently performs locally with Unspecific Railroad. 

Gailand’s passion for sound has led him to work at a recording studio and to owning a music store. He has mixed live sound for many years. Gailand is certified in live sound application and design. His favorite styles of music are R&B and blues, though he also loves jazz, pop, classic rock and rock. 

  • Live sounds and stage setup
  • Sound system design and installation with over 25 years of experience
  • Drummer with more than 45 years of experience
  • Drum sales, delivery, set up, and on-site tuning

Eric McGlenn

DJ and
Master of Ceremonies

With more than 20 years of DJ experience under his belt, Eric McGlenn knows how to run a show. Growing up, his father was in a band, and Eric was enveloped in a musical lifestyle, “since I could walk and talk.” Eric has experience as a Master of Ceremonies, with more than 300 weddings performed, along with trivia nights and other events. 

A musician (playing drums and singing) for more than 30 years, Eric also has run sound for bands for 25 years. His favorite genres are ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s pop, country and rock.

When he’s not behind the sound board or at his day job as a concrete mixer/driver/trainer, Eric enjoys spending time with his four children, playing golf, drag racing and road course racing.

  • Born and raised in Franklin County
  • DJ for over 20 years
  • Musician for more than
    30 years
  • Master of Ceremonies
    with over 300 weddings officiated

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